2 aprile 2012




Prima Stagione (ITA):

1x01 Una Strana Convivenza Prima Parte-Putlocker
1x02 Una Strana Convivenza Seconda Parte-Putlocker
1x03 Conclusione Necessaria-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x04 Segui La Tua Natura-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x05 Ad Ognuno Il Suo-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x06 Niente Finisce, Tutto Si Trasforma-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x07 Uscire Allo Scoperto-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x08 Tutti abbiamo bisogno degli amici-Novamov-Videobb-Movshare-Putlocker
1x09 Avrò Cura Di Te-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x10 Il Sacrificio Dell'Amicizia-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x11 Gli Olandesi-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x12 La Resa Dei Conti-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker
1x13 È successa una cosa divertente, mentre venivo ad ucciderti-Novamov-Movshare-Putlocker

Prima Stagione (SubITA):

1x01 There Goes the Neighborhood (1)-Novamov
1x02 There Goes the Neighborhood (2)-Novamov
1x03 Some Thing To Watch Over Me-Novamov
1x04 Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)-Videoweed
1x05 The End of the World as We Knew It-Videoweed
1x06 It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong-Videoweed
1x07 I See Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You-Novamov
1x08 Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things-Novamov
1x09 I Want You Back (From the Dead)-Novamov
1x10 Dog Eat Dog-Novamov-Movshare
1x11 Going Dutch-Novamov-Movshare
1x12 In the Year of Our Lord 1980-Novamov-Movshare
1x13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You-Novamov-Movshare

Seconda Stagione (ITA):

2x01 La Strada Per La Libertà-Videopremium-Nowdownload-Fiberupload
2x02 Scelte Difficili-Videopremium-Nowdownload-Fiberupload
2x03 Desiderio Di Cambiare Vita-Videopremium-Nowdownload-Fiberupload

Seconda Stagione (SubITA):

2x01 Turn This Mother Out-Novamov-Putlocker-Stagero-Movshare
2x02 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?-Novamov--Stagero-Movshare
2x03 All Out of Blood-Depositfiles-Turbobit-Modovideo-Bitshare-VK
2x04 (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons-Uploaded-Modovideo-Muchshare
2x05 Addicted to Love-Uploaded
2x06 Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These-Uploaded
2x07 Sally and...-Uploaded
2x08 I've Got You Under Your Skin-Nowvideo-Depositfiles
2x09 When I Think About You I Shred Myself-Videopremium-Uploaded-Depositfiles
2x10 Dream Reaper-Videopremium-Nowdownload
2x11 Don't Fear the Scott-Videopremium-Nowdownload
2x12 Partial Eclipse of the Heart-Videopremium-Nowdownload-Fiberupload

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